Crazy Quilt (2015) is their latest CD and features Queen of Hearts at their most authentic best. This eclectic collection of songs will illicit a wide range of emotions. It will make you laugh; make you cry and get your feet tapping. After sixteen years together, these four women, continue to write and sing from their hearts. This album is dedicated, not only as a celebration of THEIR differences, but as homage to diversity as a whole…as demonstrated in Ellen’s poignant and thought provoking song “Different”. CQ also includes songs ranging from BethAnne’s percussive reggae ditty, “It is What it Is” to April’s light hearted toast to the joys of everyday love in  “Good Enough”. And Queen Helen as always captivates us with her soothing and hauntingly beautiful "Life Is A River". In all, this collection provides an intimate, sensitive and humorous nod to the everyday slices of life.

Crazy Quilt

  • 1. This Note

    2. Best Worst Thing

    3. Life is a River

    4. The One That Made Me Cry

    5. If You Were An Egg

    6. No Place Like Home

    7. I'm Looking Forward

    8. When Love Waltzes In

    9. Move On

    10. It Is What It Is

    11. Reunion

    12. It's Good Enough For Me

    13. Different

    14. Love