The second CD from QUEEN OF HEARTS, "Pink Boots," takes their soulful and sassy style to the next step, blending influences from bluegrass to gospel to pop as naturally as they blend their unique voices. The CD is available by making a secure order online.You can also buy the CD at any live performance!

Pink Boots

  • 1. I've Gotta Give Him My Love

    2. Day Hurry Up

    3. I'm Gone

    4. Show Me a Sign

    5. That's All I'm Gonna Say About It

    6. Everywhere I Look

    7. The Wind Moans Under the Door

    8. I Wouldn't Be Me

    9. He Loves Her

    10. Boy Chases Girl

    11. That's What Tomorrow Is For

    12. Turn It Around

    13. Something in Large

    14. Good Time