The debut CD from QUEEN OF HEARTS showcases their musical diversity with songs like BethAnne's heartfelt ballad, "That's Devotion," Ellen's bluesy "I Could Write a Book," Helen's country toe-tapper, "Life Is Good," and April's spiritual showstopper, "By My Side". The CD is available by making a secure order online. You can also buy the CD at any live performance!

Queen of Hearts

  • 1. Hello, Baby...Goodbye

    2. Treat Me Right 

    3. I Could Write A Book

    4. Look With My Heart 

    5. Devotion 

    6. Second Chance 

    7. By the Light of The Radio 

    8. Away From Here 

    9. Give It A Try 

    10. Life Is Good 

    11. I Am Jerusalem 12. By My Side