Mark and Donna Kaufman

Amelia Island, Florida

In 2004, we started to invite the singer/songwriter friends we had come to know while living in Nashville to perform for our new friends and neighbors on Amelia Island, Florida, in “An Evening of Story & Song.” Having a clear sense of the difference between writing a song and being a good entertainer, we’ve been quite selective about the artists invited to perform.

Since we had already seen QUEEN of HEARTS perform together as a group as well as some of the “Queens” doing solo shows, we were quite confident that they would appeal to our audience. And did they ever! With a range of musical styles and exquisite harmonies all the while, the Queens’ choice of songs had our audience dabbing at their eyes one minute because of poignant lyrics and wiping away tears of laughter the next.

Able to interact with each other and connect with the audience in such a smooth and comfortable way, QUEEN of HEARTS is the real deal – four individual singer/songwriters, each with her own repertoire of original material, whose chemistry together far exceeds the sum of the parts.

Asked if they would like the Queens to return for an encore performance the following year, our audience responded with a resounding ovation. More than ever, we know that all we need for a full house is QUEEN of HEARTS.

Carol Veizer

New Jersey Center for Healing Arts, Red Bank, NJ

Last night the NJ Center for the Healing Arts was graced with an amazing performance by QUEEN of HEARTS. These four women are talented, original, and generous of spirit. We are already planning to bring them back next year!  QUEEN of HEARTS offers a rare combination of musical artistry, impeccable harmony, intimacy, humor, and nostalgia. The group draws you into their music and into their private lives, and you relate to everything they sing. You feel like you are part of a story that is shared. You leave feeling satisfied and energized. As though spending an evening with old friends, you will look forward to seeing them again. QUEEN of HEARTS will steal your heart!


“QUEEN of HEARTS is just stunning – terrific original material, great harmony, a lot of laughs, and a full house.  All we could have wanted!” 

Tim McLoone, Owner 

McLoone’s Supper Club 

Asbury Park, New Jersey


“They’re like grown-up Dixie Chicks, with great harmonies, a fun attitude, and strong songwriting.” 

Amy Kurland, Founder 

Bluebird Café 

Nashville, Tennessee 


quoted in MORE magazine, May 2006

“Able to interact with each other and connect with the audience in such a smooth and comfortable way, QUEEN of HEARTS' poignant lyrics had our audience dabbing at their eyes one minute and wiping away tears of laughter the next.” 


“Their voices blend seamlessly, and it’s evident they take pleasure in contributing to the greater sum of the parts.  If you’re a fan of pop- and blues-inflected country laced with four-part harmonies, check out QUEEN of HEARTS.” 

Jack Silverman 

Nashville Scene 

June 2002

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 "Just had to let you know how extraordinary you were-- how extraordinary ALL of you are.  I was really moved tonight.  Thank you for a meaningful, artful experience.  A bunch of kids in their 20's can't bring to the party what seasoned, professional women can create.  It made me feel okay about being who I am, where I am.  Thanks!"      -   Cynthia Kent      12.4.16